Kubernetes Jobs vs Argo Workflows

In this blog, we will discover the key differences and benefits of using Kubernetes Jobs vs Argo Workflows for containerized workloads. What are Kubernetes Jobs? In Kubernetes, a Job is a controller that ensures that a specified number of Pods are created and that these Pods all successfully terminate. A Kubernetes Job ensures that the … Read more

Headless Service in Kubernetes

In this blog, we will explore the concept of Headless Services in Kubernetes and learn how they enable advanced use cases such as stateful applications, custom load balancing, and more fine-grained control over network traffic within clusters. What is a Service in Kubernetes? Pods in Kubernetes are the smallest unit of execution in Kubernetes, and … Read more

SAST (Static Application Security Testing) Scanning

What is SAST scanning and how it works? SAST (Static Application Security Testing) is a scanning testing technique used to identify security vulnerabilities in software applications by analyzing the application’s source code, byte code, or assembly code. SAST scanning is generally performed during the application development stage to catch vulnerabilities early in the software development … Read more

How to start a career in Cybersecurity?

Curious about the field of cybersecurity? Jump into our guide on how to start a career in cybersecurity and learn the essential steps to make your way into this exciting and in-demand profession. Cybersecurity as a Career? Cybersecurity or IT security is considered a great career field for several reasons: 1. Increasing Demand: With the … Read more

Microk8s Single Node Kubernetes cluster

In this blog, we will discuss the microk8s single Node Kubernetes cluster and its features and usage. Introduction to MicroK8s Single Node Kubernetes Clusters MicroK8s is a lightweight open-source Kubernetes distribution that is suitable for local development, learning, testing, and small-scale production deployments. It is easily scalable from a single node to a high-availability production … Read more

Darktrace: Top UK Cybersecurity Company

Darktrace is widely considered a shining star in the UK cybersecurity field. The United Kingdom is considered a global leader in the cybersecurity field and is widely recognized for its expertise, initiatives, and contributions to this field. Darktrace’s customers include governments, financial institutions, and other large organizations. Shinning star of UK cybersecurity: Darktrace Darktrace is … Read more

DAST: Security Scanning Of Web Applications [2023]

In this digital age, it’s absolutely essential to perform security scanning of web applications to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of applications and their associated data. It helps in protecting your organization, your customers, and your reputation in this digital economy. Types of Application Security Scanning? There are several types of security scanning techniques … Read more

Docker Desktop and Podman Desktop

Docker vs Podman Docker Desktop and Podman Desktop are both container orchestration tools that provides a user-friendly interface and tools to run and manage containers in your local or production environments. The key differences between the docker are podman are listed below: Feature Docker Podman Architecture Docker uses a client-server architecture, where the Docker client … Read more